As a mother, I am always searching for meaningful experiences for my children. The mind is a beautiful thing and longs to be inspired. I love when I stumble upon companies that make deliberate choices to create a product that fosters a love for imagination and creativity. Some children know their gifting at a young age, while others may not discover their passions until decades later.  

      I remember my mother making curtains for my room, sewing costumes for school plays, and the first time she sat down with me and allowed me to pick from her pile of colorful fabrics as she gently guided my hands on her sewing machine. 

     Life is teaching me that relationships with my children are being built on many small, but intentional moments. When I decide to take them for a walk in the woods, play an imaginary game, or open up the paints and let them go wild, I am exploring with them. 

     I hope that the Sculptural Weaving kit I have designed is a small contribution to the enrichment of children's minds.

    Sitting by your child and watching them pick through various colors and textures of fibers, you are getting to know the artist that lies within them. As the yarn slips between their fingers you smile, knowing another discovery has been made.... 

     I also designed this kit with the expectant mother in mind who takes pleasure in tapping into her creative side and designing a room with unique art for her child.   

 Happy Weaving!  


    Lorena Finette

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