Weaving - the process is as beautiful as the completion. There are times when I think a mistake I have made might ruin the whole weave, but instead it leads to inspiration and discovery... such is life.

I was born and raised in the mountains of Colorado wild and free. I remember gathering Indian Paint Brush for my mother's bouquet. I am now a mother of two amazing children and a wife of a loving and supportive husband. In my journey of motherhood, several tragedies darkened my doorstep. There was a season of changing diapers, doing chores, and dealing with loss when the magic of life was lost to me. That little girl who wandered in the woods was gone, and I didn't know how to get her back. I feel that I am not alone in this. Many a mother wonders where her WANDER has gone... As she drinks in her sweet babes, she forgets she is still herself, and that within her lies beauty, creativity, and WANDER! The  door to my dormant creative self was opened back up to me after the birth of my son, and the light came flooding back in. I feel the desire for creating coming from my innermost being, and once again I wander in the woods... but this time, my two children are in tow. I hope to open their eyes to the magic of making and seeing possibilities. My love for weaving is tied strongly to nature. There are endless things to be discovered, and the colors and textures seem limitless. A portion of my earnings go toward an orphanage for the hill tribe girls in Northern Thailand. These girls are often trafficked at a young age and are denied the discovery and beauty of childhood. It is my desire to help support this orphanage so that these precious girls will have the opportunity to be protected from such tragedy, and given a hope for their future. When I was younger, my childhood best friend was tragically killed in a car accident. This orphanage was established by her family in memory of her and her love for the orphans of Southeast Asia. It is called Breanna's House of Joy. To learn more about this amazing place of hope, visit www.breannashouseofjoy.com or to donate go to joytotheworldthailand.org. For beautiful insight on the journey of grief, visit www.fiveinthecity.com (this blog is by the sister of my friend who passed away and is so insightful and inspiring). Thank you for supporting my love for weaving and all that it entails.

(As I delight in the process of discovering fresh combinations of materials new products will be added periodically, so be sure to visit my shop to see what I have been working on. For more information on how to order a custom piece or for general questions visit my shipping and policies at the bottom of this page. I do not usually duplicate my work but the "made to order" section of my website contains a few pieces that I am willing to duplicate as their stories have special meaning to me. )

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